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Dog Training Collar

“I Learned To Train the Dog Myself In No Time”: The Internet Pays Tribute To the New Dog Training Collar That Arrived in the US

The “Love To Train” training collar, which is used by the Israeli Army K-9 unit, combines technology that does not hurt the dogs at all and teaches them to do a wide range of activities and commands; landed last month in the US and is now a huge success. It is estimated that thousands of units of the product were sold on the day of the launch online and the internet is surging with success stories. One user said her  dog no longer bothered her during her own meal-time and another user shared: “Within a week I taught my dog not to chase cats.”

For years, the Israeli Army dog ​​unit has been considered a leader in dog K-9 training. Last year, after the military allowed a private company to use technology for sale to the general public, the product “Love To Train” became a resounding success in Europe and is now casting a huge shadow on the other products in the field of dog training across Europe

Last month, the product arrived in the US and was a huge success. Everywhere online, there are countless excellent reviews about the product and dog owners are sharing how they were able to train their dogs in no time.  Recently, the product also began to be sold at the Amazon store and the news site  “Dogs-News” advertised a 15% off coupon used in the Dogsnews coupon code.

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The Product is Suitable For All Dogs and Does Not Hurt at All

The Love To Train product combines a long-lasting training collar and remote control that allows the dog to be controlled at a distance of up to 1,600 feet. Dog owners are not required to have prior knowledge in training and just by using the easy to use instruction booklet, they can teach their dog a wide range of activities such as sitting, jumping, not attacking, and more. Dog owners around the world said that in just a week, they were able to teach their dogs a wide range of commands and through the training process a stronger bond was created between the owner and the dog.

I have to point out that this is a phenomenal experience with the dog! After years of enlisting professionals trainers and paying so much money and with no success, we were able to train our bobby in one month with the collar.” Says one of the users online on an LA Dog Blog

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The product, is currently sold for only $ 44, unlike the official European store where the product is sold for 99 euros.

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