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Which Type of Dog Are You?

There are a variety of dogs depending on the size, shape and eating habits. Dogs are famous for many roles that they perform for the people. They can do the hunting, pulling loads or herding. 

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Most people have dogs for the protection of their homes. 

1. General Qualities of Dog:

Many dogs are assisting the police and the military.

 Companionship is an excellent habit of most dogs. 

Nowadays, many dogs are also aiding disabled individuals. It is the only reason that many people called the dog the “man’s Best Friend.”

 In all these above-discussed breeds of dogs, do you wonder which type of dog breed is most like you?

2. My Qualities Similar to Dog:

I am everyone’s best friend. I like to do some work whenever I am free. I love the red colour. If my house would be on the burn, then I would only save my expensive jewellery. I like to eat gourmet dining. I am very friendly, and if I sing a song, then the theme of my song is “Best Friends Forever.”

According to my qualities, I would be a Golden Retriever. 

3. Qualities of Golden Retriever Dog:

 Golden Retriever is a dog that he tries shot waterfowl like upland game birds or ducks. It is a large-sized gundog and is the fifth most popular dog breed by registrations worldwide. Golden Retriever dog is very active during hunting and shooting parties, and it is also considered the most popular dog breeds in the US. It’s tolerant attitude make it superior among many breeds of dogs. 

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