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Which Dog is Your Best Friend?

Dogs have many qualities just like humans due to which they are also considered “Human’s Best Friend.”

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Many dogs are the best friends of the elder ones, and many breeds of dogs feel comfortable with small babies. You should go around and look for the most amazing and astonishing breeds of dogs, especially if you have a family with little kids. 

Many breeds of dogs are baby lovers and take extra care of babies.

French  Bulldog:

French Bulldog is considered as the most loyal friends of humans. It is the most fashionable pet among the pets, and many high society ladies take it as a pet.

Siberian Husky: 

It is the dog breed originated in an extremely harsh and cold environment. They pull heavy loads along long distances in cold climate.


The dog, which is my best friend is Dalmation. Dalmation is the best breed of dog which serves the function of the guard. It is the most active dog and companion to the nomads of Dalmatia. 

        It does all the works so efficiently and often used as a rescue dog, family pet, athletic partner, guardian, and it also has a strong hunting instinct. 

So the dog, which is my best friend is Dalmation. It is also called a fire dog.


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