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How Dogs Keep You in Good Health?

As you have a canine relationship with your dog, it plays a vital role in keeping you in good health. You have better cardiovascular health and very fewer chances of heart attacks. You have lower blood pressure and decreased triglyceride levels.

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Living with your dog will also result in reducing cholesterol. In other words, we can say the people who take a dog as a pet have better survival rates than others.

1. Dogs Keep You Active:

 Dogs always keep his friend active as it takes you for exercise and walks. Most of the people in UK and USA love to be outside to walk with their dogs. In other words, you will be happy going to walk with your canine friend.

2. Help You Lose Weight:

You can drop many pounds while doing any physical activity with your dog. When you play with your dog, then it will help you with losing your weight in a brief span.

3. Improve Your Social Life:

 As we all know that people who have dogs are most extroverted and outgoing. So, dogs play a vital role in improving the social life of a person. 

4. Reduce Stress:

 There are also therapy dogs who will reduce your stress to a much lower level. Even when you spend a few minutes with your dog, you can lower anxiety and increased levels of serotonin and dopamine. 

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