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Dog Training Collars

Thousands of units sold within hours: Sales of dog training collars used by the Israeli K9 commando has began!

The revolutionary technology used by the Israeli K9 commando unit to train dogs has been finally approved for public use. The collar is not at all painful to the dog and very simple to use. Among the dog’s trainers, it is feared that the collar sale will hurt their income. The product website sold thousands of units in the first few hours of its opening and now the product is also sold on Amazon. This is how you purchase the product at an overwhelming discount!

The dog collar that incorporates revolutionary technology was developed for soldiers in the Israeli K9 commando unit has been approved for use by consumers and has been a huge success in the first few days since it began its’ online sales. The collar, suitable for all types of dogs and allows the dog to control up to 730 meters, all without hurting the dog at all and even connecting it emotionally to the trainer.

The Love To Train product contains a collar that fits on the dog and a small remote control for the dog owners, allowing simple actions to teach the dog to sit, not move, not jump on people, not dig, not run and get away from the garbage. The collar developer recommends doing the training with the dog for only about 10-15 minutes in a familiar environment where there are no people and dogs.

The dogs of the Israeli K9 commando unit

The Israeli K9 commando unit is the Israel Defense Forces’ elite dog unit, whose mission is to use military-used dogs for dedicated missions. For years, researchers have been trying to learn the training methods of the instructors in the unit thanks to the training skills of their trainers. “The dogs accompany us throughout our military service and become ‘brothers of arms’. The Royal Pet connects us to the dog and allows us to train him comfortably, all of course without hurting him at all.” Tell us one of the trainers.

“The official Amazon product store and the special promotion for the next two weeks”

The Love To Train product has achieved tremendous success in Israel, Australia, England, France, Italy and Japan and was recently sold in the US thanks to the import of the product by businessman Alik Konovolenko. While in Israel the product is sold for about NIS 550 ($ 157) and in Japan the product is sold for about 20,000 yen ($ 189), launch prices at the official store are only 45 dollars. The company announced that launch prices will only be valid for the next two weeks.

The company gives a lifetime warranty on the product and promises customers the results.

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